About Me

Hello everyone, my name is William Jepma, but you can call me Billy. I am an eighteen-year old freshman in college, and have been writing for as long as I can possibly remember. Being homeschooled since a very young age, my love of writing and storytelling has been encouraged and supported since I was a just a kid, and by age thirteen I had written a full-length fantasy novel that marked the start of an obsession that has yet to die away. Writing is one of my ultimate passions in life, and it is my hope and dream to someday be able to publish my own stories that will hopefully enchant and inspire people the same way I was by the likes of C.S. Lewis and F. Scott Fitzgerald.

As you can tell, however, my love of writing goes beyond just stories, and as an avid lover of films, books, games, and anything in between, I’ve found myself increasingly drawn to reporting and critiquing any kind of story-based entertainment I come across, especially in the terms of movies. I’ve been a movie fan since I was very young, but it wasn’t until I first watched the original Star Wars that I fell in love with the movie industry. I still love Star Wars to this day, as readers of my blog can attest to, and it continues to inspire and shape my own creativity to this day.

I currently live in Northern New York, where I’m just a short drive away from the beautiful St. Lawrence River in the summer, and dozens of great mountains ripe for snowboarding and skiing in the long winters. As of right now I am enrolled in my local community college, where I spend most of my time working towards my Creative Writing Degree with the hopes of someday having the opportunity telling some of the many stories I have in my head.

7 responses to “About Me

  1. Thanks for the follow on Let There Be Movies! Just read through a couple of your reviews and it’s very cool reading such solid writing from a young guy like yourself. Keep it up!

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