Mindless Fun | Mind Zero Review – BagoGames


“I seem to remember a time many years ago when there were lots of Final Fantasy VII clones running amok in the gaming world and for the most part they were critically and momentarily well received, even though they were ripping off Square Enix. Nowadays it seems that every RPG developer is instead cloning the Persona series, and that necessarily isn’t a bad thing. If a game works, why not try to duplicate it while adding your own little nuances to make yours different, whether that be a new combat mechanic or a different type of storytelling.

“Developers Acquire and ZeroDiv have taken a joint chance and made their own type of Persona clone, one to tide over the rabid fans waiting for Persona 5, with Aksys Games publishing the game for us here in the States. Some people may groan that we’re getting another incarnation of the aforementioned P-series, but I laugh at them, these are the kind of people that think Call of Duty actually changes from year to year. At least in this game there is some semblance of creativity and if you’re a JRPG fan, Mind Zero is a game that you need to take a good look at.”
Read the rest of this great review here, and check out more awesome content from all the talented people over at BagoGames.

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