Building A Better Middle Earth | LEGO The Hobbit Review – BagoGames

LEGO Hobbit-BagoGames

“I would be hard pressed to come up with another gaming franchise that innovates so little from title to title, and yet remains so consistently fresh and fun as the LEGO games have. Gamers have nearly made a career out of berating titles like Call of Duty for rehashing the same mechanics and gameplay year after year, but it seems as if the LEGO games can get away with it because everyone loves LEGOs’ and the games are completely charming and hilarious. The newest title, LEGO The Hobbit, is no exception….”

Read the rest of this awesome review and more over at the great site BagoGames, who I will be cross-promoting with every so often in the coming weeks. They have some fantastic pieces on gaming, movies, and even some TV recaps (which I attribute to!), and if you like the kind of content I put up here, then you’ll likely find a lot of similarly great stuff over there! Go and check them out!


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