Captain America: The Winter Soldier Trailer Analysis

Cap 2-banner

Okay, let me try and get a hold of myself before we get started because, wow, that was awesome. Seriously, if you could see my face right now it’d be twisted into one giant, stupid grin. That was an amazing trailer, it hit all the right notes (exploding helicarrier!!), and just catapulted Captain America: The Winter Solider into my most anticipated movie of next year.

As someone who enjoyed the first Cap film for what it was, but still couldn’t help but be a little underwhelmed, I’ve had some mixed thoughts about its sequel. Chris Evans’ Captain America was great in The Avengers, but I still wasn’t sold on how well he could handle a movie in modern day times.

The inclusion of his long-time nemesis the Winter Solider helped calm some of my apprehensions, as did the fact that old and new S.H.I.E.L.D. agents would be joining him, but I still couldn’t feel totally excited for it. That is, until now. Because after that trailer I’m completely on board.

Is it risky letting a simple trailer hype me this much? Probably. But that’s not going to stop me from being a hundred-percent behind what this movie seems to be doing. If you haven’t been on the internet today and have missed the trailer, you can watch it below.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier takes place after the events of the previous Marvel movies, and once again stars Steve Rogers, or more commonly known as Captain America, as he tries to adjust to his new life as a hero in a place he still hasn’t fully adjusted to yet.

One of my favorite parts of this trailer was Cap’s humor, which was sadly restricted in his previous two movies. His banter with Black Widow about dating was great, as was his one-liner to the guys in the elevator before he takes them all down. I’m cannot wait to see more of Cap, and this movie seems to be delivering on that in spades.

However, what makes this trailer even better is, you guessed it, the action. I mean, wow, does it look spectacular or what? The elevator scene, while only briefly shown, is sure to be a blast, as is his signature takedowns with his shield. Out of all the Avengers, Cap is probably my favorite to see in action, and since I felt like his first film held back too much, I’m looking forward to seeing him hopefully let loose here.

But, even with all that awesome stuff, this wouldn’t be a superhero movie without a good villain, and thankfully, Captain America: The Winter Soldier seems to have that more than under control.

Cap 2-winter soldier

Enter the Winter Soldier, a brutal assassin who is both unrelenting and malicious, with combat skills that are more than up to par with Captain America’s. But what makes him the perfect fit for this movie. Because he is, in fact, Cap’s old war buddy Bucky Barnes.

Now I know what you’re thinking, Bucky Barnes supposedly died in the first Captain America movie, which took place years before the events in the sequel, so how could he be the Winter Soldier? To be honest, I’m not sure. All I know is that Sebastian Stan, is returning for this movie, so I can’t see the Winter Solider being anyone except our old pal Bucky.

This brings up a smorgasbord of questions, and I sadly don’t have any answers. I can only assume that the folks over at Marvel have cooked up quite the backstory for this character that will explain his apparent resurrection and transformation into the killing machine we see in this trailer.

Regardless, I am excited to see the Winter Soldier go toe-to-toe with Captain America, especially if the action bits we saw in the trailer are any indication of their intensity. And as someone who thought Red Skull was a pretty bland villain, I’m looking forward to seeing Cap go up against a worthy adversary.

Cap 2-the man

There’s just so much about this movie that excites me, I’m finding it hard to sum it up in a single post. Not only does the action, villain, and premise sound amazing, but we’re also going to get to see Cap team up once again with Nick Fury and Black Widow (who I am a big fan of) but also the Falcon, played here by the very capable Anthony Mackie.

Now I’ll be honest in saying that my knowledge of the Falcon is slim, but from what I saw of him in the trailer I think he’s going to be an awesome addition to an already all-star cast. The few brief shots of him in combat were fantastic, and his wings look especially great, which is a huge relief to all of us I’m sure.

We don’t know how big of a role he’ll play, or how he’ll fit in with the plot, but it’s always fun seeing Marvel incorporate more characters from the comics into their cinematic universe. The only fear I have is that this movie could fall victim to the same thing that plagued Iron Man 2: overpopulation.

Cap 2-Falcon

Everyone knows that Iron Man 2 tried too hard to set up The Avengers, and in doing so almost forgot that it was a movie about Iron Man, and I really do not want to see the same thing happen here. As long as the co-stars enhance, rather than distract, from Cap and his story then we should be fine, but still, I can’t help but be a little nervous about it all.

While we still have more questions than answers (who was that mysterious older man talking with Fury), I think it’s safe to say that Captain America: The Winter Soldier has set expectations pretty high with this first trailer.

Will it be worth the hype? I certainly hope so, because if it’s able to deliver on the potential glimpsed here then we’re going to be in for quite the treat when it comes flying into theaters next Spring.


6 responses to “Captain America: The Winter Soldier Trailer Analysis

  1. This trailer was incredible and I think it raises all the right concerns and questions that you pointed out in your breakdown. I can’t wait to watch this movie since I am a very big fan of the first Cap film. Like yourself, I am so stoked to see him let loose as well. The Falcon bit was amazing, too. Good post, Billy! Just about every blogger is posting this trailer, lol!

    • Haha, I can imagine everyone’s scrambling to post their thoughts on it, but couldn’t help but throw in my own two-cents as well. πŸ˜‰ Thanks for reading, man!

  2. I was dissapointed with all the Thor 2 trailers because they gave away such big parts of the movie. But this, this did so well at getting me psyched about the movie without really telling me anything about it. Even the Winter Soldier, not only are we not shown who it is, but for the uninformed viewer they probably still think it’s a reference to Cap himself. It was exactly what a trailer should be. Good breakdown, William.

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