New Animated Series Star Wars: Rebels Revealed

Star Wars: Rebels

Today is an exciting day. The new Star Wars animated series has officially been unveiled, and it sounds great. Star Wars: Rebels takes place between Episode III and IV (I totally called that), in a time often referred too as the ‘Dark Times’, where the Empire was taking over the galaxy and democracy was dying a slow, painful death.

And, in what is probably the most exciting part of all of this, Dave Filoni is going to be the one behind it! You all know how much love and respect I have for this guy, and it’s great finally having confirmation that he is returning to Star Wars television.

But wait, there’s more! Greg Weisman, whose credits include the amazing animated shows, Young Justice, The Spectacular Spider-Man, and Gargoyle, is teaming up with Filoni! He’ll be working right alongside Filoni, which is worthy of applause on its own, but on Star Wars!! Which is worthy of a mob is hyper-excited fans.

TIE Fighters

Filoni shared this image awhile back, and we now know it’s a sketch of what will probably a TIE Fighter from the show.

Star Wars: Rebels will air as a one-hour special on Disney Channel in Fall 2014, and then will be seen on Disney XD as an ongoing series. This is an obvious move, but one that I do have my apprehensions about. I can only hope the animation is going to be close to that of The Clone Wars, and not anything like the style of some other, mostly Disney, animated shows, which often just look sloppy.

There’s some tremendous talent behind the show, so there’s many reason as to why we should be excited. For instance, Filoni is bringing many of his co-worker with him over from The Clone Wars, such as art director Kilian Plunkett and CG supervisor Joel Aron.

But because of the talent involved, I have no doubt the show will end up being good, I just hope Disney isn’t to restrictive, as Filoni and his animators work best when they’re given freedom to tell the stories they want to tell.

Since the show takes place in the twenty-some years between Episode III and IV, I can only hope that we’ll be able to see some characters from The Clone Wars in it again. Yes, I’m talking about Ahsoka. Since she left the Jedi Order, she most surely survived Order 66, so it’s very possible she could pop up in Rebels.

How great would it be to see an older version of Ahsoka (still voiced by Ashley Eckstein I hope) in a world where the bad guys won, and her old master is now a villainous Sith Lord? I think that would be something that would make many fans of The Clone Wars cheer.

Because this takes place after Order 66, I wonder how much of a focus the Jedi are going to be. As we all know, Order 66 didn’t wipe out all the Jedi Order, so there are going to be stragglers, which makes me think that Rebels will take place in the earlier time of the Empire’s rise to power, as I doubt Disney wants a Star Wars show without the beloved Jedi.

Will we see the rise of Rebel Alliance? I definitely think so.

There’s just so much great things this new show could do that I’m almost at a loss for words. I want to see what became of Darth Maul after he was taken by Sidious in The Clone Wars, how Boba Fett became the feared bounty hunter we see in the movies, as well as meet Admiral Ackbar and Mon Mothma during the beginning of the Rebel Alliance.

It would be great to see Starkiller, from The Force Unleashed games, make some kind of appearance, even if it’s only a cameo, but even more so, it would be amazing to see a young Han Solo. Think young Indiana Jones, but more roguish.

While I have no idea who the main characters will be, whether or not we’ll know them already or not, I do have one thing I want, no need, to see done in this show. And that is for the talented voice-actors of The Clone Wars to star in it.

James Arnold Taylor, Dee Bradley Baker, Tom Kane, and even Catheirne Taber and Ashley Eckstein have all proved that they’re incredibly flexible actors, and I think it would be truly wonderful for Dave Filoni to cast them in this new show.

I would personally love to see Starkiller make an appearance in this show

If you can’t tell, I am off-the-wall excited for Star Wars: Rebels. There’s a whole lot we don’t know still, and I’m a bit worried Disney XD will restrict the show in terms of what it can and can’t do, but I have complete and utter faith that Dave Filoni and Greg Weisman will deliver a show that will appeal to all kinds of Star Wars fans.

We still have a year-and-a-half to wait before we can watch it though, and while those of you who can make it to Star Wars Celebration Europe will get a first-look at it, most fans will have to find ways to distract themselves until Fall 2014.

In my case, that includes a marathon of all The Clone Wars episodes. Until we know more, may the Force be with you all.


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