Nothing But The Snow

Nothing but the Snow

There she stands, just an arm length away,

Looking scared and alone, just looking for someone to stay.

I want to reach out, stroke her hair,

Hold her hand and tell her not to be scared.

But I am no different than she.

Fearful and abandoned, I just want her to see

That together, we’re far from alone,

And that my feelings for her go deeper than bone.

So I break out of my comfort zone,

And reach for her trembling hands to quiet her groans.

I touch her skin, feel its life, then feel it slip away.

Like dust in the breeze, she blows astray,

And slips from my grip

Like a leaf in the wind; stripped

From the one who only wanted her saved.

Now she’s gone, enslaved

To something I will never know.

I’m alone again, with nothing left but the snow.


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