Revolution “The Stand” Review

(Full Spoilers Below)

I could go on all day about how stupid of an idea it was to put Revolution off the air for three-months, but suffice to say, my interest in the show had dropped to an all-time low, and I went into watching last night’s episode with just a morsel of excitement. And I have to say, the first few minutes didn’t do much to change that.

While it picked up right where the last episode ended, with the heroes running from a helicopter, this scene ended way to quickly, and didn’t feel intense or exciting enough to re-ignite anything great about the show. However, that did change. Fairly quickly in fact.

After our heroes (Charlie, Miles, Danny, Rachel, Aaron, and Nora) convince the Militia that the helicopter killed them, by hiding in a big freezer when a restaurant was blown up by a missile, things picked up, and we got to see Monroe really use his new control of electricity to wreck some havoc.

Remember this? Yeah, I barely did.

Seeing the helicopter take out an entire squadron of the rebels was surprisingly violent, and if the previous chase scene did little to show how terrifying it is that Monroe actually has power, this fixed that.

Thankfully, things got very interesting from here on out. Deciding to warn the rebel base camp, Nora takes Charlie, Danny, and Aaron with her, allowing Rachel and Miles to go and seek out one of Rachel’s ‘old friends’ for help.

First off, I have to re-state how much I do not like Rachel. She’s boring and unpredictable, and none of that changed this episode. Her dialogue with Miles seemed forced, just to hint that there was something between them a long time ago, and while I still think Miles is an awesome character, he almost felt held back when with Rachel.

As it turns out, Rachel’s ‘friend’ is one of her fellow scientists – you know, the ones who helped cause the whole blackout – and apparently he has a basement full of heavy weaponry and even a huge rocket launcher! It was nice seeing Miles freaking out over all of that, but less so when it turns out this scientist, John, was working with Randal, the man who forced Rachel, John, and that other woman, Grace I think, into making the blackout machine.

I hope I’m not the only who doesn’t trust Rachel.

You see, this would all be intense and fascinating, but due to the three-month hiatus, I had very nearly forgotten all about this particular plot thread. So rather than being shocked that John was working with Randall, I was more confused, and had to play catch up for the next few minutes.  While not terrible, things like this plagued me numerous times throughout the episode.

So then, John captures Rachel and Miles, Miles breaks free, beats the crap out of John, takes a rocket launcher and a bunch of guns and then runs to find Charlie and the rebel camp to bring them all these big guns.

While all of that’s going on, there were some nice scenes involving Neville and his son, Jason. Once again, I have to say how much I love Neville as a character. Giancarlo Esposito is a fantastic actor, and Neville always reminds me that Revolution would be nothing without its villains.

We find out that Jason is having second thoughts about serving his father, and isn’t as big a fan of the mass killings as his father and Monroe seem to be. So when Neville finds the rebel base camp, Jason stands up to him. This ends in Neville completely mauling his son (brutal I know) and leaving him alone in a field, telling him to never come back.

Haven’t they heard of stop, drop and roll?

Also worth noting, Neville told Monroe that his son is dead. Is this meant to be taken figuratively, or is Neville possibly giving Jason the chance to help the rebels strike down Monroe  for his own ulterior motives? Something to think about, and I hope the writers have something more planned with this.

All of this was building up to what was a surprisingly epic climax. When the militia helicopters come (yep, there’s two now) with fully loaded .50 calibers machine guns, all hell breaks loose. With the guns Miles and Rachel took from John, the rebels are able to put up a good fight, but they know it’s only a matter of time before they’re overtaken.

Cue the rocket launcher. Yes, we got to see Miles with a rocket launcher. But after being knocked back by a missile, Miles drops the launcher and finds himself injured, and unable to act fast enough. So Danny, seeing his chance to play hero, jumps into action.

Miles with a rocket launcher=awesome.

And in his first time doing anything worthwhile in the show, Danny shoots down the head helicopter. I was all ready to cheer him on, and hope that this would be a turning point for his character, but in a move that almost surprised even me, the second helicopter, while going down due to lack of power, shoots down Danny.

I can’t help but feel bad for the kid. He spent the first half of Season 1 doing nothing, and now, just after escaping, the guy gets shot by a .50 Caliber machine gun. As brutal as that was, I wonder what kind of impact this will have on Charlie over the course of the the next eleven episodes. However, I have to give props to the writers of the show for making this bold, and in my opinion, correct, choice with Danny.

In the end, The Stand was a good episode of Revolution, not as good as the mid-season finale, but still very good. It’s too bad it took us three-months to finally get to see it, which did detract from some of the twists, but I can confidently say, after Danny’s death (and Rachel’s horrible act of yanking some microchip from his corpse), I am once again interested in this show, and look forward to seeing where it goes from here.



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