Lucasfilm speaks on the future of The Clone Wars

Ever since Disney purchased Lucasfilms, and in turn, Star Wars, fans of The Clone Wars have wondered what this meant for the ever popular TV-series. Well, just this afternoon, Lucasfilm released a statement outlining how there’s going to be a “new direction for Lucasfilm Animation”.

To read Lucasfilm’s official statement, click here, and to see IGN’s summary of the statement, that helps clear a few things up, then click here.

Before you freak out, think about what’s being said here. It seems like The Clone Wars as a television series is over, but, there are still going to be several more story arcs released (how we’ll watch them is yet to be determined) that will (hopefully) answer all of the remaining questions fans have, such as what happens to Captain Rex before/after/during Order 66, and what becomes of Ahsoka now that she has left the Jedi Order.

While I would’ve preferred to see one final, entire season, this is still mostly good news. We all knew the show had to come to an end soon, as the actual Clone Wars only lasted 3-4 years, and as long as Dave Filoni is able to give us a satisfying conclusion to one of the best things to happen to Star Wars in a long time, then I’ll be happy.

And based on the video embedded below, it seems like some of the best stories are still to come.

We don’t know how or when we’ll be seeing these still-to-come story arcs, but they are coming. Maybe they’ll be released as individual movies, or as a set of episodes on Blu-ray/DVD. Or, even better, maybe they’ll be released in theaters. Wherever or whenever they’re relased they are coming.

The Clone Wars is not dead yet, and if Filoni means what he says in the above video, then the best is still to come.

And that is a very good thing in my mind.

(Update): James Arnold Taylor, the voice of Obi-Wan Kenobi and Plo Koon on The Clone Wars, has written a very heartfelt blog on his being apart of this fantastic show. You can read it here, and I highly recommend you do so. It’s really, really great.


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