Star Wars: The Clone Wars “The Wrong Jedi” Review

(Full Spoilers Ahead)

The Wrong Jedi is the most emotionally packed, heartbreaking, and impactful episode of The Clone Wars ever. Sure, the inclusion of Darth Maul and Oppress were greatbut the show has always been about Anakin, Obi-Wan, and Ahsoka’s adventures. But today, that all changed.

Ahsoka is on trial for crimes she didn’t commit, and even the Jedi Council, who she has trusted in full up to this point, believe her to be guilty of these heinous crimes of terrorism and murder.

The Wrong Jedi started exactly the way you’d expect it to; with Ahsoka awaiting her fate. Admiral Tarkin, who’s been working against Ahsoka since the beginning, addresses the Council and asks (more like demands) that she be exiled from the Jedi Order so she can be tried and punished as an enemy of the Republic, as decided by the Senate.

Honestly, I didn’t expect the Council to so quickly go along with this. You’d think, that with their Force perceptions and the like, that they’d be able to see the injustice and blatant lies regarding Ahsoka’s sentencing. But they didn’t, and in what was not a unanimous decision (but awfully close to one) the Council agrees to Tarkin’s proposition and bans Ahsoka from the Jedi Order.

Tarkin working his sleaze-bag persuasion skills on Ahsoka.

In a scene that’s emotional impact was only topped by the final scene, Ahsoka’s expression upon being told she’s been exiled was heartbreaking. You could feel her pain at those words without her even saying a thing, and it was truly saddening to see her Jedi braid so forcefully pulled from her head.

The Clone Wars has always been known for its superb animation and voice-acting, but this story arc has been the highlight for both of these factors. From the subtle expressions Ahsoka expressed upon her banishment, to Anakin’s outrage at the same scene, the animation was on the top of its game.

And Matt Lanter and Ashley Eckstein’s acting (who play Anakin and Ahsoka respectfully) was so, so good as well. For everyone who didn’t like these two at the show’s onset, I direct you to watch Anakin and Ahsoka’s final exchange in this episode, and be proved utterly wrong.

That one scene, with the sun setting behind them, and Kevin Kiner’s amazing score of course (which carried through the credits, truly deepening the sadness of the whole scene), this was without a doubt the most emotional, heart-wrenching scene the Clone Wars has ever had, and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t teary-eyed at the end of it all.

We’re all on your side Ahsoka.

Truly, this was one of the very best episodes The Clone Wars has come out with (something that’s becoming a norm for the second-half of this season). And there’s so much to talk about. In addition to Anakin and Ahsoka’s amazing interactions, it was also nice to see Anakin acting on his own to find the true perpetrator.

Now, I totally predicted Bariss was behind it all, so I wasn’t surprised in the least when Ventress told Anakin (under quite the brutal interrogation I might add) that Ahsoka had contacted Bariss, leading Anakin to discover that Bariss was the true mastermind behind it all.

Now, I expect that Bariss having been ‘evil’ will be controversial for a number of reasons. For one, it goes against the Expanded Universe, which The Clone Wars has demonstrated it isn’t afraid to mess with, as well as for Bariss’ somewhat melodramatic confession in front of the Senate.

But, all in all, I’m happy with this outcome, and I’m generally fine with The Clone Wars taking liberties with the EU canon. But I can understand that not everyone will agree with that.

While I did think Bariss, once she was exposed, was a little melodramatic, I did absolutely love her duel with Anakin. It was a tense, rather ingenious scene when Anakin confronted Bariss, casually grabbing her lightsaber and then attacking her with it, forcing her to use Ventress’ lightsabers, exposing herself, to defend against Anakin’s attack.

The Wrong Jedi gave us some very dark scenes with Anakin, such as this one.

When Anakin and Bariss got into their duel, things got really, really awesome. It was a long fight, which is always welcome, and I loved how it spanned from the halls of the Jedi Temple to the training grounds below, where we even saw some of the younglings from earlier this season.

As impressive as Bariss’ moves were, it was only a matter of time before Anakin overpowered her. With that said, I have to bring up the fact that I can’t help but find it a bit far-fetched that Bariss, still a Padawan, was able to hold her own against a master combat specialist such as Anakin. While I’m able to suspend my disbelief, it’s still worth bringing up.

In the end, The Wrong Jedi was amazing, and will stand as the first episode that actually changed the show as a whole. With Ahsoka gone, having turned her back on the Order and, in turn, Anakin, she will most likely not be a major player next season, but rather fall into an occasional role.

We will miss you Ahsoka.

So while this does answer some questions regarding her fate during or after Episode III, it also leaves us with many, many more unknowns. What will Ahsoka do now? Will she fall to the dark-side in her exile? Or survive in seclusion, and possibly make an appearance in the future?

We really have no idea, and will have to wait until next season, wherever or whenever it will air, to find out. But even if this is Ahsoka’s final appearance, she has gone out on an incredibly high-note, that will not be soon forgotten.



4 responses to “Star Wars: The Clone Wars “The Wrong Jedi” Review

  1. Completely agree, that last scene was so painful to watch, and one of the best moments in the series, in my opinion. Although I originally wanted Ahsoka to die at some point, this is a much better resolution. Wonder if she will make an appearance in the new trilogy, not sure if I would want that, but it is possible. Great review, glad to see another fan still writing reviews for the series.


    • It really was, my personal favorite along with the Maul/Savage/Sidious duel scene. I’ve always been a fan of a dramatic death scene, but I knew that wouldn’t be the way Ahsoka left. Although, I fully expect her to be back, in some form or another, eventually. But honestly, I’d be happy if the next seaosn was the final season, and it left things with Ahsoka the way they are.

      Thanks for reading and commenting! Glad you liked the review; I love writing them. 🙂

    • Her timing couldn’t have been any better huh? And we all know what happens to Anakin; so yeah, he probably should’ve followed his padawan’s example. Thanks for reading! 🙂

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