Star Wars: The Clone Wars “To Catch a Jedi” Review

(Full Spoilers Ahead)

Ahsoka’s on the run. She’s been framed for a bombing, numerous murders, and conspiracy against the Republic. Her own master is hunting her, as is one of her close mentors, Plo Koon. Without anyone to trust, Ahsoka flees to the underworld of Corscant in hopes of proving her innocence.

Can you believe all of this is actually happening? Ahsoka, the loyal, light-hearted padawan to Anakin Skywalker, is now believed, even by the Jedi Council, to be responsible for killing dozens of innocent people.

Ahsoka’s maturity is really shining in this arc, and it’s truly staggering to compare her to the girl she was back in Season 1 of The Clone Wars. Ashley Eckstein’s superb voice-acting is also really making Ahsoka progressively realistic, and I’m honestly at the point where I’m afraid for Ahsoka’s fate.

And if that’s not proof enough that The Clone wars is doing something right, than I don’t know what is.

Is Tarkin behind Ahsoka’s framing? Or could it be someone much closer?

Picking up moments after last week’s awesome episode, To Catch a Jedi follows Ahsoka into the gritty underworld of Coruscant, and yes, she does indeed visit Level 1313.

I was hoping we’d get to see 1313, and while it was never explicitly said, in fact, they referenced every level from 1312 to 1315 without saying 1313, I believe that at the end of this episode, when Ahsoka was lying at the bottom of a shaft, beaten by a masked enemy, she had reached Level 1313.

But I digress, that’s just the nerd in me excited over the prospect of 1313’s first appearance, and it nicely sets the tone for the upcoming video-game.

Anyway, while not as fast-paced as last week’s episode, To Catch a Jedi was still exciting and retained this arc’s signature grittiness and surprisinlyg dark tones. I was nervous for Ahsoka the whole episode, and I really couldn’t tell how it would all end.

However, with that said, my biggest problem with this arc is how obvious it is that Ahsoka is innocent. Imagine how much more suspenseful this would all be if we didn’t know if Ahsoka wasn’t behind the bombings? Or even if it wasn’t so clear that Bariss Offee is behind it all, probably with the help of Admiral Tarkin.

Watch out, Ahsoka!

With that said, it is intense not knowing how this will end for Ahsoka. Despite having a clear understanding of the mastermind(s) behind her framing, I can’t say with confidence I know what will become of her during next week’s season finale.

If Bariss is behind this (which she surely is), then I suspect she will be caught and killed, but I doubt Ahsoka will be able to just let bygones be bygones and move on as if everything was normal. I mean, her closest friends thought she was a terrorist! I wouldn’t just let that go.

One of my favorite parts of this episode, unsurprisingly, was Asajj Ventress’ appearance. I’ve always loved her character, and it was good to see her back; gray morals and all. Ahsoka and her had some nice interactions, and although I wanted more, how awesome was her outfit?

Also, I was surprised by how brutally Ventress was beaten at the end, just moments after parting ways with Ahsoka. And while we didn’t see her attacker, it was clearly a woman, which further backs up my claim that Bariss is really the terrorist here.

I also thought it was a really nice touch how this unknown attacker took Ventress’ mask, so now Ahsoka thinks her ‘ally’ turned on her. Things are definitely going to get interesting next week; especially with Anakin surely angry and looking for proof that Ahsoka’s innocent; no matter the cost.

Even the Jedi Council doubts Ahsoka’s innocence.

The episode, although much slower than the last episode, ended on a particularly high-note, with the aforementioned battle between Ahsoka and her masked attacker. It was a brutal fight, and whoever Ahsoka was up against, she was very, very powerful.

I was actually surprised how badly Ahsoka lost that fight. While she did put up a good fight, it did end with her being stunned and then apprehended by Anakin. She’s just having a bad couple of days.

In closing, this was another intense, dark episode for The Clone Wars, and I can’t help but feel how much Revenge of the Sith’s themes are starting to come to light. Although slower than the last episode, To Hunt a Jedi was superb from start to finish, and has me extremely excited for the season finale next week.



5 responses to “Star Wars: The Clone Wars “To Catch a Jedi” Review

  1. It makes no sense for this to be Bariss, based upon what she does in the future – and that she is a victim of Order 66…

    • Well The Clone Wars has broken canon before, and I don’t recall specifically seeing her in Episode III. And besides, who else could it be? There’s no other female character, and it wouldn’t make sense for it to be some random character. But, I’ve been wrong before; I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

      • You could be right – it just seems way too easy for them to make it her. It messes up the plot a bit a well because (down then road) we know she becomes main Jedi character. Killing the clones, the prisoner – seems a bit dark for her IMO

      • I just think its too simplistic and obvious – I also think there was a height difference between this character and Bariss, who is closer to AT in height. Guess we’ll see

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