Star Wars: The Clone Wars “Sabotage” Review

(Full Spoilers Below)

It’s hard to believe we’re already at the final story arc for this season of The Clone Wars. Not only was this season two episodes shorter than usual, but with every story being spread over three or four episodes, it felt awfully short.

Honestly, I’ve been a little disappointed overall with this season. With the exception of the last three episodes, we haven’t had many great stories this season. I liked the Onderon arc well-enough, but it was one episode to long. And besides Missing in Action and A Necessary Bond, there haven’t been any truly great episodes besides the last three on Mandalore.

Anyways, rant over, now let’s talk about Sabotage, a very different, very dark episode that sets off a finale that is promising an in-depth focus on Ahsoka and Anakin (who’ve been oddly absent recently).

Sabotage felt a lot like what a crime-procedural would look like if it was set in the Star Wars galaxy. And, oddly enough, it actually worked. Very well, in fact.

Sabotage felt a lot like a crime procedural; and it’s not as bad as it sounds.

After a bomb explodes in the Jedi Temple, there’s suspicion that a Jedi may have been involved with this act of terrorism. So, to make sure that the investigators are unbiased, the Jedi Council send for Anakin and Ahsoka, who were off planet, and thus not involved, to come and use their inner detective skills.

To get started, I have to say that I really enjoyed how the episode started. I’ve missed seeing Anakin and Ahsoka together this season, and I was very glad to see them back in the field together; banter and all.

I’m always been a sucker for a good Star Wars aerial fight (especially when it’s in the atmosphere, rather than above it) and it was a nice touch having the buzz droids attack Anakin’s ship, even knocking him out and eventually destroying his ship. A cool turn of events, especially considering it’s Anakin who saves Obi-Wan from the buzz droids in Episode III.

Oh, and you have to love Ahsoka gloating about how she saved Anakin’s life. I love how much she’s changed over the seasons, and really, become a favorite of mine. Not just in The Clone Wars, but for Star Wars Universe in general.

Seems like Anakin’s got himself into quite the situation.

Once Anakin and Ahsoka got involved in the investigation on Coruscant, things got even more interesting. Not only were they working with a droid named Russo, who was obviously designed after a stereotype cop (Horatio from CSI: Miami comes to mind),  he was entertaining and not annoying like certain, other, droids have been.

And I totally loved how he constantly put on and off his ‘glasses’. Very CSI-esque, and it definitely made me chuckle.

While it was fun seeing Jedi act like cops, the best part of this episode for me was the themes it brought up. It had an ominous and noir-like feel to it, and it was surprisingly dark.

From Anakin finding the primary suspect Jackar’s severed hand, to further discovering that his own wife turned him into a walking bomb, Sabotage held nothing back. And who else absolutely loved seeing Anakin and Ahsoka walk through a digital re-enactment of the bomb exploding? Props to the writers/animators for coming up with such an awesome idea.

However, with all that said, the episode was fairly predictable, and I totally knew the wife was responsible for everything fairly early. As most crime procedural shows find out, the crimes aren’t near as hard to figure out as they should be, and that still applies here.

This scene was a personal highlight of mine.

Had I not known this was the start of another four-episode arc, I would’ve thought this was a one-off story. But still, Sabotage had  a lot of things going for it, and I really enjoyed the many different themes it brought up; chief of which is the distrust towards the Jedi that’s beginning to make itself clear.

It’s great seeing things really start to set up Episode III, and if the teasers are any indication, this story arc may even rival the previous Mandalore episodes as the best of the series.



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