My Thoughts on J.J. Abrams Directing Episode VII

J.J. Abrams

I know this is long overdue, but I thought I would finally give my two-cents on J.J. Abram being confirmed as the Director of Star Wars: Episode VII. And you know what, I’m excited about it.

Abrams may have not been my first choice, but all things considered, he’s a fully capable and at times great director who knows how to orchestrate a scene. I don’t love all of his films, and the whole lens-flare thing has never bothered me that much, but the fact that he made Star Trek relevant to someone like me, a long-time Star Wars fan, is impressive.

What really interests me about him directing the movie, is that he initially outright denied that he was going to do it. Because of this, I almost forgot that he was even in the running’s to direct Episode VII until, out of nowhere, the newest rumor was that Abrams was actually going to do it.

Because I’ve been let down by these irritating rumors before, I held back my excitement until we heard from LucasFilm or Disney themselves that Abrams was indeed directing the movie. And for the first time in awhile, they did confirm it!

Like I said, I was excited about this decision. Yes, Abrams did direct and shoot two Star Trek films, which, to some people, may seem like he’s crossing the line a little. But really, who cares if he directs both Star Wars and Star Trek?

If he was able to make both die-hard ‘Trekkies’ happy with his newest Star Trek film and get me interested in the franchise, then I have complete faith he’ll do a great job with Star Wars.

But if he screws with the timeline, then I’ll probably be upset.

However, the fact that Kathleen Kennedy, the new chairman and person in charge of LucasFilms, personally paid Abrams a visit to convince him that he should do Episode VII gives me both hope and faith that Abrams will be the real deal.

He obviously knows his way around sci-fi, and he’s a self-professed Star Wars fans, more so than Star Trek in fact, and if Kennedy trusts him, then so do I. She did, of course, work with George Lucas himself for many years and has personally seen what makes Star Wars so special.

So far, Episode VII seems to be becoming quite the film. With Oscar winner Michael Arndt penning the script, and Lawrence Kasdan (who wrote the best Star Wars film, The Empire Strikes Back) acting as a consultant, I think Star Wars is in good hands.

And as long as they don’t add in a Jar-Jar character I think this movie is going to be awesome.


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