Star Wars: The Clone Wars “Point of No Return” Review


(Full Spoilers Below)

The Delta Squad story arc has been a controversial one for Star Wars: The Clone Wars fans. Some hate it outright for its irritating characters and curse it for its stupid story, while others praise it for its charm and wit and nods to the larger Star Wars canon.

I fall somewhere in the middle. I really don’t like Gascon, and WAC can get annoying but has his moments, and some of the story is a bit ludicrous. But on the other hand, this arc has been well-written, witty, clever, and even moving at times.

I didn’t really like Secret Weapons, A Sunny Day in the Void was an oddball episode but I kind of liked it, and Missing in Action was great besides Gascon still being grating. As for the arc’s finale, well, it wasn’t as good as last week’s episode but still a good conclusion for the arc.

Point of No Return started off with Delta Squad landing their space craft on a seemingly abandoned Republic Cruise shortly after escaping from a battle droid attack thanks to Republic Commando Gregor’s sacrifice.

What was interesting was that the Republic Cruiser was actually being controlled by a bunch of battle droids and stocked full of explosives with the intent of destroying an important Republic Conference Station.

I guess Delta Squad just can’t catch a break can they?

What I found odd of the episode however, was how Gregor wasn’t even mentioned. While you could tell his sacrifice had had an influence over Delta Squad (with Artoo and BZ both sacrificing themselves and only the former surviving), I was hoping he would’ve been at least mentioned.

I still really don’t like Gascon.

But that’s just a minor quibble in what was a fairly good episode; with the exception, as always, of Colonel Gascon.

There’s no big turnaround for Gascon’s character, and for the last four episodes all he’s done is complain and act like an arrogant, selfish colonel to the droids who are obviously smarter than he is.

And the way the episode ended, with Gascon literally crying over having WAC and company assigned to serve under him was just pitiful and annoying.

Okay, rant over. Moving on. On the plus side, the droids were once again amazing. The best part of this arc by far has been how awesome Artoo has been. From taking down battle droids to dueling a droid commander, the little-astromech-who-could has gotten his deserved screen-time and I loved every minute of it.

Point of No Return, as previously stated, was a very fitting conclusion for the Delta Squad’s adventure. It was the ‘funnest’ of the episodes, with some very great scenes involving the battle droids actually eliciting laughs, and as always, the dialogue was top-notch. Especially when the characters use quotes from the movies.

Who didn’t love Gascon’s use of “It’s a trap!”? I mean, come on, what better way to make a scene awesome than by implementing the famous Admiral Ackbar line?

Artoo is always a crowd pleaser, and he doesn’t disappoint one bit.

The highlights of the episode were without a doubt Artoo using his trusty oil hose and thrusters to torch a bunch of buzz droids, and then the final scene in which an entire Republic Cruiser was decimated by a deafening explosion.

The animation is truly amazing, especially in the way we see the cruiser shatter into hundreds of pieces and collide with the Republic Station. Dazzling, exhilarating stuff; and it ended the episode in a very high way.

All in all, Point of No Return was a good conclusion to a somewhat hot-and-miss story arc. While I enjoyed the episodes as a whole (and are definitely more enjoyable watching back to back), I am somewhat glad they’re over, if for anything because now we can get to the truly great stuff that was teased to us last Fall.



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