Doctor Who “The Snowmen” review

Doctor Who Christmas Special

(Full Spoilers Below)

(I know I’m officially on vacation, but I couldn’t miss the chance to finally review Doctor Who. So here’s my thoughts on this year’s Doctor Who Christmas special.)

The last time we saw the Doctor, he had just lost two of his very best friends to the Weeping Angels. The ‘death’ of Amy and Rory was heartbreaking not only for fans of the show, but to the Doctor himself.

This is where the 2012 Doctor Who Christmas Special begins; with a very angry, mourning Doctor trying to ignore the fact that the galaxy still needs his saving.

Doctor Who Christmas Specials have a somewhat jaded history; with episodes ranging from good to lackluster. Fans never really know what they’re going to get from our favorite Time Lord come the holidays, and with last year’s forgettable Christmas Special, I was a little nervous to see what Moffat would give us this year.

Well, no need to worry because The Snowmen is not only one of the Doctor’s very best Christmas episodes, but one of Steven Moffat’s best episodes he’s done yet. It’s exciting, scary, heartfelt, and most importantly, expands the character of the Doctor in a way we don’t get to see very often.

The Doctor we see in The Snowmen is a very different from the one we’re used to.

When mysterious snowmen start popping up in 1892 England, young (and beautiful) Clara, becomes entangled with a plot to take over the world with evil ice people. All because she had brief run-in with the Doctor and was kind of smitten with him.

Okay, I’ll be honest and say that the actual premise for this episode was a bit ridiculous, and this is the only real downside to this episode. While the story is executed fairly well, the first half of the episode seems to put the story on the back-burner to allow Clara to develop as a character, and give the viewers the chance to see the Doctor after the Ponds loss.

However, everything really comes together by the end of the episode when the second half brings all the pieces together, resulting in for a well-executed climax that was highlighted by the great Ian McKellan in role as the voice of the Snowmen.

However, we all the know the real star of the episode was Jenna-Louise Coleman. After her unexpected and chilling appearance as Oswin in the episode Asylum of the Daleks in the Fall, where she was revealed to have been turned into a Dalek, fans were left dying to know more of how this character would become the Doctor’s new companion.

Jenna-Lousie Coleman returns as Clara/Oswin, and the results are fantastic.

I’m not sure how she did it, but in the span of just two episodes, Clara has won my heart faster than any other companion before. She’s witty, beautiful, clever, and oh so electrifying when on-screen. Her chemistry with the Doctor is uncanny, and they have an incredibly entertaining, topsy-turvy relationship that I cannot wait to see progress.

The mystery behind Clara, (or Oswin, we’re still not sure who she really is) is the driving force for her character, and one that becomes all the more exciting in terms of storytelling with her shocking death at the end of the episode. Yes, Clara does indeed die; again(?).

I’m not sure how things are going to unfold now, with Clara and Oswin both having ‘died’, but I can promise you that Moffat knows what he’s doing, and we’re going to be in for quite the treat when the show comes back in 2013.

To be honest, everything about this episode was oozing with presentation and fanfare. From the Doctor’s new Tardis design (which I totally adore), to the Doctor’s new outfit, everything seemed to inject the show with a breath of fresh-air.

Because the Ponds were some of the longest running companions the show has had, I was very happy to see Moffat very nearly give Doctor Who a makeover. Not only did this give the episode life, but very nearly made me forget about Amy and Rory.

Clara and the Doctor have unbelievable chemistry, and that’s what drove this episode.

The Snowmen had so many great little aspects to it that I can’t really discuss them all. From the Doctor impersonating Sherlock Holmes, to the great inclusion of the Doctor’s friends Madame Vastra and Strax; this episode was incredibly well-done and entertaining from beginning to end.

Outside of the thin-storied beginning, The Snowmen was an invigorating, exciting, and fascinating episode that was with so fanfare fans everywhere were surely giddy in their seats. I loved every second of it, and it made me more excited for Doctor Who’s return than I thought possible.



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