Star Wars: The Clone Wars “A Sunny Day in the Void” Review

(Full Spoilers Below)

I’m going to be honest and say that this is a hard episode to review, because nothing really happened. While I enjoyed it more than last week’s episode, it wasn’t necessarily better, but it was, however, more enjoyable.

A Sunny Day in the Void picked up shortly after last week left off, with our four astromech droids, the ever annoying WAC pit droid, and Colonel Gascon in their starship escaping from the Separatist cruiser from who they stole an encryption key.

This week I thought the characters were balanced much better, and while WAC and the Colonel still irritate me, Artoo and company got their much deserved screen-time, and, in turn, means the episode was a lot more fun than last week’s.

The episode started on a very high note, as our odd little group of heroes was caught in a storm of comets, and were tasked with dodging the gargantuan, icy asteroids or risk incineration. I know I do this a lot, but I really have to commend The Clone Wars animators, as seeing a small ship flying through those comets was absolutely breathtaking, and a marvel to experience.

Although Artoo and his fellow droids gave it their best to try and fix their ship (in what was a very fun scene that involved all four astromechs working together to save each other), the ship was just to damaged to continue to fly, and so the Colonel was forced to ‘land’ the ship on the closest planet.

While this kind of storyline has been used at least three times on the show, I liked how the writers changed it up this time. Rather than landing close to some innocent inhabitants caught in the crossfire of the war, the droids and the Colonel crashed in the middle of the weirdest desert I’ve ever seen.

Yes, that is indeed an ice desert with an orange sky.

It’s at the point where things got a little weird. To start off, I absolutely loved how Artoo wouldn’t take crap from anyone in this episode, completely blowing off both WAC and the Colonel numerous times. I really did want to yell “Go Artoo! You tell ’em who’s the boss!”.

With that said, WAC and the Colonel were still really annoying. Like I said, WAC is one of the most grating characters The Clone Wars has had on the show, and the only time I ever chuckled at him was when Artoo would blow him off.

As for the Colonel, well he wasn’t as bad this week as compared to last week primarily because he started losing his mind about halfway through the episode. It’s always fun seeing someone you really don’t like make a complete fool of himself, and that same rule applied here.

Even though nothing really happened in this episode, which isn’t necessarily a good thing, I still enjoyed it for what it was.

I loved how much more attention the astromechs’ got this week.

There was something really fun about the whole ordeal, especially because Artoo was just so dang great, and outside of WAC succeeding at being dumb, the episode was orchestrated fairly well and had some great scenes.

I thought the ending was great, with WAC and the Colonel coming across an abandoned town after Artoo and his friends did, and I am really looking forward to seeing what they might findthere next week. Fingers crossed the Republic Commando makes his appearance!



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