Star Wars: The Clone Wars “Bound for Rescue” Review

It seems like every problem I’ve had with these last few episodes came out in full force this week. Everything that could’ve gone wrong did, and Bound for Rescue ended up being a very weak episode overall.

Bound for Rescue didn’t go about Ahsoka’s rescue the way I expected, which should’ve been a good thing, but was actually worse than I originally expected. Why this story arc ignores all its potential is beyond me, and it continue to frustrate me.

The plot here was pretty simple; because their ship’s coolant system is damaged, the younglings decide to kill two birds with one stone and land on the nearby planet to both repair the engines and rescue Ahsoka from Hondo’s clutches.

Rather than take advantage of what they had, I felt like The Clone Wars tried way to hard to make this a kid’s episode. The younglings were annoyingly childish (except Gungi, nothing could make me dislike him), and the pacing of the episode was convoluted for the sole purpose of having some kind of excitement present.

Both last week and this week had really good potential, but did nothing with it; opting instead to rehash old cliches and add in as much kid-friendly entertainment as possible. I’m fine with a show being friendly for the kids, but when it becomes unintelligent and overly ridiculous, then it just irks me.

If you don’t love Gungi, then something is probably wrong with you.

To further confuse the viewer, General Grievous showed up this week, and while I’ve always been a fan of his, I found his first inclusion of the season to be forced and vastly unneeded. Although it did produce a few cool action scenes, I was left asking myself why he was even there.

His attack on Obi-Wan’s ship was random and pointless, and only served to prevent Obi-Wan from helping the younglings. There were at least a dozen different ways that he could’ve been stopped from helping the kids, but sadly they added a generally good character into a below average story.

The endgame of the episode, with the younglings dispatching an intoxicated Hondo with an acrobatic trick, was cute, but still ridiculous and anti-climactic. As much fun as Hondo being intoxicated was, I didn’t like how he was taken down like such a punk.

You’d think someone as conniving and clever as Hondo wouldn’t let his guard down so easily; but I guess that just goes to show how little sense these last two episodes make. Last week Hondo was fine killing kids, and this time he was a bumbling fool; both seem to be out of character for him, and make no sense for him.

With all that said, there was a little fun to be had in Bound for Rescue. There were some awfully pretty visuals, and a space battle is always a welcome addition, even if it wasn’t needed. It was also cool seeing the kids all trying to put together their lightsabers, but it just wish we actually got to see more of the kid’s actual training.

The kids are really smitten with Obi-Wan’s beard in this picture.

It’s too bad that there was so much wasted or unneeded aspects to this episode. Despite being seen once or twice, Huyang didn’t say a thing (which sucks as he was the best part of last week), Grievous’ appearance felt forced, and the so-called ‘climax’ was nearly laughable.

Add that on top of some whacky lip-syncing, and Hondo acting out of character, and you get an episode that felt overly silly and ended up being only mildly enjoyable.

Thankfully, next week is the final episode for this arc (why they made it four entire episodes is beyond me) which means we should be getting some better storylines soon, which in my mind, can’t come soon enough.



3 responses to “Star Wars: The Clone Wars “Bound for Rescue” Review

  1. Just had to add that Kenobi is a terrible warrior. In addition to being bested by Grievous and losing control of is ship, he leaves a warning message that gives Grievous enough time to escape. Ridiculous. Had he done nothing, Grievous would have been blown to pieces and a major victory could have been achieved. A joke of an episode.

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