Star Wars: The Clone Wars “Tipping Points” Review

(Full Spoilers Ahead)

Tipping Points picks up right where last week left off. The rebels are gaining popularity with the citizens of Onderon, and the Separatists are starting to feel uneasy about these ‘terrorists’ and their growing fame.

This episode really felt like what the last three episodes have been leading up to, and the results were rather great. As the droids begin closing in on the rebel base (always smile when I get to say that), Steela, Saw, Ahsoka, and Lux begin to plan for the oncoming war.

Big props to Dave Filoni and his ingenious team for creating such great characters such as Steela and Saw in only three episodes. We understand and know these characters, and really buy into the decisions they make. I not only cared about them, but also felt like I knew them almost as much as the leading characters.

There was so much happening this week, that I almost felt there wasn’t enough time to really take it all in. There were some really extraordinary scenes taking place (anyone else get Avatar vibes?), but everything happened so fast that it was a bit hard to really appreciate it all.

Tipping Points came packed with some truly incredible set-pieces.

Packing some of the best action of the season thus far, Tipping Points really delivers as the Onderon finale, but I can’t help but wonder if it could’ve have been better. Looking at these last four episodes, I wonder why the first two episodes weren’t packed together to give more time for the climax, which, as great as it was, felt a little rushed.

Even though, I still loved every minute of Tipping Points. There wasn’t any unneeded exposition or dialogue, and almost every minute was used appropriately. The rushed feeling stemmed more from a sense that the previous episodes perhaps slacked a bit too much, and that impacted this week’s climax.

In addition to the riveting action, Tipping Points also tied up all the loose ends. We get closure for the romantic triangle, a proper ending for the rebellion, and one of the more dramatic death scenes I’ve seen from this show.

That’s right, this week marked the end for one of the best new characters The Clone Wars has produced. Steela’s death was both intense, emotional, and beautifully poignant. I had a feeling one of the headlining characters of this arc was going to die this week, but was somewhat surprised that it was Steela.

As far as death scenes go though, Steela’s was one of the best. Seeing her hang from that cliff made my heart skip a beat, and the writers did a great job of making you think she’d be okay. The visual of Ahsoka reaching out to Steela midair was great, and the ship’s turret shooting Ahsoka made me jump, and seeing Steela fell to her death gave me chills.

You could feel the intensity from not only the visuals (which were, of course, amazing), but the acting as well. The Clone Wars has some of the best voice-actors in the business, and I could feel the heartache in their voices and tones upon seeing Steela plummet to her doom.

You’ll be missed Steela…

I also think Steela kissing Lux before the big fight was great, as it definitely foreshadowed what was to come, and really sets up Lux as a character that I imagine will be quite important later on. And his deciding to help Onderon toward joining the Republic was a nice turn around for him, and really shows how much he’s matured from the selfish boy we saw in season three.

Tipping Points was a great episode, and an even better finale for the Onderon story. But, it still felt rushed, and as much as I adore Hondo, his presence felt a little tacked on and I once again wish the previous episodes had been pushed together so we could’ve gotten more from the climax.

Overall however, this weeks The Clone Wars hit all the right notes in the time that was given, and gave a fitting conclusion to a most interesting story arc.



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