Star Wars: The Clone Wars “The Soft War” Review

(Full Spoilers Ahead)

The Soft War really felt like the head of these last few episodes, and the payoff was definitely well executed, albeit a little rushed. Upon hearing news that the rightful king of Onderon Ramis Dendup is to be executed, Saw decides to take action while Steela, the now functioning leader of the rebellion, makes the call to wait.

I felt like this disagreement was supposed to have more impact than it really did, as Steela didn’t do much to stop Saw and just had him followed. I wouldn’t preferred some addition to the frustration Saw felt at Steela being picked as leader last week, and while his going on his own did accomplish that some, it didn’t feel like enough to get the point across.

There was little doubt that Saw’s rescue attempt would fail, and from the way he left Steela, I thought he was going to meet his end.

Thankfully he lived to fight another day, but was captured and locked up with Dendup. On a side-note, anyone else find it weird that only one droid was guarding Dendup? You’d think they’d give a prisoner as powerful as him more guards.

Upon being apprehended, Saw is brutally tortured by this new droid general, (who didn’t really do much) and then interrogated by the Onderon general. This, in my opinion, was the best part of the episode. The two engaged in quite the intense discussion over who was doing the right thing in these dire conditions.

Do you stand up and fight the new king? Or obey your commitment to the king and continue to follow him? Although it was obvious which course of action was right in this case, it was nice to see the writers of the show give the rebellion a little added depth.

Saw has the stand-out scene this week.

One of the reasons I’m a big fan of this story arc is because this is first time The Clone Wars is dealing with a terrorist threat, and the fact that it’s mostly a grey area. I think both the general and Saw had good logic for their beliefs, and I appreciated the new viewpoint on the rebellion.

Great stuff, gave me chills.

In the meantime, Steela and company begin to plan their course of action. Attempting to rescue both the king and Saw during the execution, was exactly what the enemy would be expecting, so it felt weird that that’s still what Steela decided to do.

Her logic however, did make sense, and it was nice to see Steela recognize how powerful the support of the Onderonian people is.

The actual rescue attempt didn’t disappoint, but it was weird not seeing Ahsoka more involved. It was very satisfying seeing how easily the rebels overthrew the droids on stage, but I thought it was a good twist to have them still get captured, as I think otherwise it would’ve been an anti-climactic crescendo.

As menacing as this guy is, he didn’t do anything this week.

Thanks to the general’s predictable but admirable change of heart, the rebels escape with King Dendup and live to fight another day. Apparently, next week is the finale of this story arc, which was a surprise to me as I thought this week was. (Personal head-slap).

My only real complaint this was the general droid seemed pretty pointless. He didn’t do anything except stand around and give orders, and I was waiting the whole episode for him to do something, anything to make himself feel like a real threat.

A few side-notes, I’m really loving the little romantic scenes scattered throughout these last episodes. I feel Ahsoka is handling her feelings incredibly well, and, in contrast to Anakin, might actually end up denying her emotions any weight.

As for, Lux, well, he seems to be quite the torn fellow. He can’t keep his eyes off of Steela, but at the same time obviously has feelings for Ahsoka. It will be interesting to see how they tie this up (or not) next week, as I still am quite confidence Lux will be somehow involved in whatever becomes of Ahsoka.

I guess we’ll just have to wait next week for answers, in what I’m sure is going to be quite the finale.



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