Star Wars: The Clone Wars “A War on Two Fronts” Review

(Full Spoilers Below)

After last weeks great premiere, I was anxious to see the show continue in what looks to be an amazing season. And while A War on Two Fronts accomplishes what it set’s out to do, it’s not overly memorable.

I enjoyed this weeks episode a lot. It had some good action, fun characterization for the rebels Steela and Saw, and the return of Lux Bonteri. I was a big fan of Steela and Saw, and thought they both were fun characters that I hope will evolve into their own unique additions to The Clone Wars cast.

For those of who didn’t know, A War on Two Fronts was originally meant as the premiere episode, which is why we see Adi Gallia in the beginning, as she was killed in last weeks episode. The timeline in The Clone Wars has always been hard to follow, and is really my only major complaint with the show as a whole.

Airing episodes out of chronological order isn’t bad, but without a heads-up, it causes a lot of confusion and can make you spend half the episode trying to figure out where it fits into the timeline. And this sometimes affects the enjoyment of the episode.

Now, with that out of the way, let me dive into some of what I thought were the best parts of A War on Two Fronts.

First off, I have to comment on how beautiful the animation was this week. Onderon looked beautiful and alive, and I loved all the little personalities for the individual animals running around. Especially the little dinosaur guy who scrambled around in the beginning. I’ve decided I will buying a condo there next summer and then domesticate several of the wildlife there.

Secondly, I really enjoyed the new characters this week. I think Steela stands out from all the other warrior chicks on the show, as I think she really is a tender person, and I hope we get to see some more of her softer side in the coming episodes.

Steela has some awesome skills with that rifle.

I also thought her relationship with Lux was intriguing, as it not only showed her softer side, but also set up some jealousy in Ahsoka (who I was very glad to see again). I am quite convinced that if Ahsoka is not killed off in the show at some time, then Lux is going to be the cause for her disappearance from the rest of the franchise.

I’m sure the two of them will develop some kind of romance in the future, which I actually don’t mind as I like Lux as a character. But I can’t help but wonder if he’ll die in the future (maybe because of the Republic) and in turn Ahsoka will leave the Order. Something to think about for sure.

Outside of the good characters, this weeks episode felt a little too familiar. How many times have we seen Anakin, Obi-wan, and Ahsoka help a small group of rebels/townspeople fight against some oppressive force?

And although it wasn’t boring, the whole ordeal with training the rebels and the fight where they had to use their new skills gave me a major sense of deja-vu.

I loved the characters this week.

I hope the ending, with the group sneaking into the main city, will lead to some good episodes in the future.

On a side-note, am I the only one that loves the Battle Droid’s portrayal in The Clone Wars? Even though they are incredibly dumb, (I’m sure to entertain the young ones) I still find them quite amusing. I think the developers of the show do a great job showing them as stupid droids as well as killing machines.

So overall, A War on Two Fronts accomplishes the task of setting up a new story arc well, but the unoriginal premise of the episode and the fact that it’s out of chronological order hold it back from being overly memorable.

I do however greatly look forward to seeing where the characters go in the next few weeks, and think we have a great story arc ahead of us.



3 responses to “Star Wars: The Clone Wars “A War on Two Fronts” Review

  1. I understand how you feel the Anakin/Obi-wan/Rex/Ahsoka training rebels is familiar. It reminded me a little of the episode where they trained the farmers to stand up to the bounty hunters…I think that episode was in Season 3…but I’m not sure.

    Honestly I feel that Lux and Ahsoka’s realtionship is foreshadowing something…either Lux’s death or Ahsoka’s fate…fate not just meaning death, but the possibility of her leaving the Order.

    Great review! I rated mine 9/10 cause I liked the developing relationships alot xD. I think this episode would have made a better season premier in my opinion.

    • Yeah exactly! And I agree about Ahsoka/Lux, and I can’t wait to see how they handle Ahsoka’s fate. What really excited me about this episode was what is to come because of it. This rebellion is going to very interesting, and I look forward to seeing where it goes! Thanks so much for reading and commenting. 🙂 Seriously means a lot.

  2. Yes! I am SO excited about the Rebellion! I really hope we get to see Bail Organa and Mon Mothma’s involvement soon.And not a problem! It means just as much to me when people comment on my site! 🙂 MTFBWY!

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