Star Wars: The Clone Wars “Revival” Review

(Full Spoilers Below)

Ah, The Clone Wars is back! I’m going to be blunt in saying my one obsession in life is Star Wars. I live and breathe it, and can talk anyone’s ear off with my nerd knowledge. So, it’s not surprising that I love Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

In many ways it’s better than all the prequel films, and at it’s best, is as good as the original trilogy. As such, I was very excited for Season 5 to begin, and to find out more about Darth Maul’s return.

Revival begins shortly after the finale of last season, with Maul and Savage Oppress trying to find a way to destroy the Jedi. To start off, the relationship between the brothers is a very interesting one. Savage seems to think of Maul as an equal, while Maul makes it apparent very early this week that he is the Master of the two.

I think this was very important to cover, and was glad to see it addressed, as it gave a sort of uneasiness to their alliance as well as showed off Maul’s rising power and his plans for greatness.

If this doesn’t excite you, then there might be something wrong with you.

I’m really beginning to buy Maul as not only a powerful villain, but a mastermind as well. And although we haven’t seen the extent of his plans outside of some trailers and today’s rallying of pirates, I expect Maul has some pretty significant things coming up, and it is going to be quite fun seeing how they end up.

Obi-Wan’s eventual inclusion in this episode was not only well-done, but very telling. It seems that he has a personal vendetta against Maul, as if he’s unfinished business to Obi-Wan. Considering he killed Qui-Gon, I think it’s very possible Obi-Wan feels a need to end Maul for good, and I hope this comes into play in the future, as an angry Obi-Wan is always exciting.

And that’s why this show is so great. It’s gives added depth to the characters we know and love, depth that perhaps the prequels failed to give. If you’re a Star Wars and aren’t paying attention to The Clone Wars, you are missing out.

I was also a fan of Hando’s inclusion in this episode, as I think he is a great character. In a way, he reminds of a sort of anti-Han Solo. He’s suave, charming, clever, and above all, smart. I think Dave Filoni and co. have done a great job turning initially ‘fun’ characters into well devised, clever people. Hando’s acceptation of Obi-Wan’s help, even though he greatly dislikes him, just goes to show not only his smarts, but his respect for the people of power and smarts. I hope he comes back, as he is a joy to watch.

The most exciting part of this episode however, was the epic fight between Obi-wan and Maul, and Adi Gallia and Savage. Not only is it exhilarating to watch, but Savage killing Adi Gallia was surprising, as I thought she died in Episode III. Once again, seeing Obi-Wan cry out at her demise is touching, seeing as how he takes his friendships with fellow Jedi’s’ very seriously.

And round two of that fight, when Obi-Wan takes on both Maul and Savage, well, I might’ve soiled my pants a little. Obi-Wan continues to impress with his amazing fighting skills, resulting in the severing of Savage’s arm, and injuring of Maul. It seems that the Sith brothers underestimated Kenobi’s resolve, and it left them both wounded.

Poor Adi, we barely knew you.

Overall, The Clone Wars came back with a bang, delivering on all fronts. We got crazy fight scenes, more back-story, added characterization, and above all, more intrigue. I wonder if the Chancellor’s seeming ignorance regarding Maul and Savage has set off alarms in the Jedi, as he is obviously pushing it aside. I guess we’ll just have to wait and find out as what is sure to be crazy season continues next week.



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